Starting A New Resolve Project


DaVinci Resolve is a powerful color grading tool with lots of useful features. However, transferring your project from an NLE requires a lot of steps. This guide will help get you started and keep you organized.

Starting A New Resolve Project

When you open Resolve, you’ll see a pop-up window with thumbnails of other projects. This is the Project Manager.


In the bottom right corner, click “New Project” and enter a name in the dialogue box.


Your project will appear in the top left with a blank icon. Double-click to open it and enter Resolve.


You may get an error message which says “DaVinci Resolve does not have write permissions for the selected cache path.” This is fine, and will be addressed in the next step.


Click “OK” until the message goes away, and your project will open as normal.


Open the hard preferences menu under DaVinci Resolve>Preferences>Media Storage. Delete all other drives on the list by highlighting them and clicking “Remove.” Then click “Add” and navigate to the drive where all your media is stored.


DaVinci will show a dialogue box saying your changes will take effect after restarting the program. Click “Save,” save your project, quit, and reopen. The error message shouldn’t pop up again.


If the error message does appear again, open your project and open the soft preferences menu by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right corner.


Under General Options>Working Folders, make sure the Cache files location and the Gallery stills location are set to the same drive with all your media. Click “Save.” You do not need to restart DaVinci for these changes to take effect.




Next Step in Workflow: Importing Media into Resolve

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