Linking an Offline Reference Clip


This guide goes over how to import and link to an offline reference clip in DaVinci Resolve. The process is slightly different from importing raw media.

Importing an Offline Reference Clip

In the Media tab, right click anywhere in the gray to create a new bin and name it “Reference.”


For this next step, make sure “Reference” bin is highlighted so your video comes into the right place.


In the Media Storage window, navigate to where you saved your reference video. Right click and select “Add as Offline Reference Clip.” It will appear in your Media Pool with a white checkerboard in the bottom left corner.


Linking to an Offline Reference Video

In the Edit tab, right click on the timeline thumbnail and select Timelines>Link Offline Reference Clip, then choose your reference clip from the dropdown menu. A check mark should appear next to the name of the video you selected.


In the Source window, switch the view from Source to Offline and your reference video will play side by side with the timeline.


Use the orange playhead or the up/down arrows to scrub through and check that all your footage reconnected correctly, and all your cuts are in the right place.


 Next Step in Workflow: Troubleshooting in Resolve

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