Backing Up Your Resolve Project


Unlike most NLEs, DaVinci Resolve does not save projects directly onto your hard drive. This means that when you are working in Resolve your project will be saved to that computer’s hard drive. There is no way to change this. If you want to move to a different computer and keep working on your color project, you will need to export the project. This guide will walk you through the steps on how to export and import your project, so you can color correct your film across multiple computers.

Exporting a Project

Once you are finished working for the day, you will need to export your project. The best practice is to export a project at the end of every day as a backup to save to your hard drive. To export, click “File > Export Project”.



This command will open a dialog box asking you where you want to save your project. It is recommended that you create a folder on your portable hard drive named “Resolve Backups”. This is where you will save the exported project every day, using the title of your project followed by the export day. For example, “TestProject_02032017”.

Importing a Project

After you export your project, you can now take that exported file and move to a new computer. In order to import a project into Resolve you must open an Untitled Project on the new machine. Once a project is open, click “File > Import Project”.


Navigate to your exported project using the finder browser and click “Open”. It may appear as if nothing has happened. Move to the lower right hand corner of the screen and click on the home button.


This will open the Project Manager Window. You should see your imported project listed in this window. Double click your imported project.


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