Connecting to Sourcebook and EditPublic remotely

Connecting to Sourcebook and EditPublic remotely

Connecting via VPN

IT is allowing all students to connect to Bin remotely using a VPN. Follow the instructions here to set up your connection: Emerson College VPN Instructions

Connecting to Sourcebook

After you have connected to the VPN, you can connect to Isilon exactly the same way you did in the labs.

make sure Finder is the active application in the top left menu of your screen. Once that is the case, use the "Go" menu and select "Connect to server" (or hit CMD+K)

  • Sourcebook: smb:// courses/sourcebook
  • Edit Public: smb:// courses/EditPublic
  • Students (your personal space): smb:// 

My Media is Still Offline


By default, Avid does not know it needs to search for servers such as Isilon for media. Because of this, we have to tell Avid to do so the first time you connect to Sourcebook from your laptop.

Open Avid then navigate to Tools>Console Screen_Shot_2020-03-24_at_10.27.11_AM.pngScreen_Shot_2020-03-24_at_10.28.01_AM.png

You should see this window with a text box at the bottom. Type “AllDrives” (one word, case sensitive, without quotations)  

Hit Enter twice - you should see the following message:


Exit the console window - your media should be online




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