License Avid Media Composer in the DPL Labs and Suites


Sometimes Avid Media Composer looses the link to our license server and we need to remind it to connect. 

How to License

If you see this window when you launch Avid Media Composer, it means the computer needs to reconnect to the license server. 

Select “Electronic Activation - I want to activate my software using Avid Link” then click continue.

This should open the Avid Link application.

On the left, select the Products tab

Now you will see a list of software and plug-ins. Next to “Media Composer” open the dropdown menu and select License.

This will bring you to a window prompting you for a System ID. At the top of the window, select License Server.

Check the box next to “Use License Server”

Now you can launch Avid Media Composer. It will take about 60 seconds for Avid Media Composer to recognize the license. 

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