Using Pre-made Proxies from Sourcebook in Avid

Relinking to Proxies using Sourcebook

What are Proxies?

Proxies are low resolution versions of your media. Although they are lower quality files, they load much faster. This is particularly helpful now that you are accessing Sourcebook through a VPN.

What projects have proxies?

Currently, we have proxies made for Donut Dynamite and Twilight Zone. Please have your faculty reach out in regards to other projects. 

Copying the Proxy bin

Connect to Sourcebook and find your project in the 'EDTORS'S SOURCEBOOK' folder. There will be a new folder labeled “proxies.” Open this folder to find your new proxy bin(s). 

Right click/Copy the bin files and paste them into your project folder (usually living in Shared Avid Projects). If you open Avid, you should see the new proxy bins in your project window alongside the bins you already had.

Replacing your sequence with Proxy footage

Your sequences are not automatically replaced with the proxy footage. In order to do this, you must keep your proxies and your original media in separate bins. Move your sequence(s) into their own bin without any other footage.

Close all your bins. Closed bins looks like a closed drawer in the screenshot below.


Next we need to highlight our proxy clips in each bin - this is how Avid will know which clips are the proxies. One by one, open each PROXY bin and press [command A] to highlight every clip. Do this with each bin and leave them open.


Check that you did not open any bins with original media. Now open your sequence bin. Right click your sequence and select “relink...”


A new window will appear. Be sure to match these settings exactly. 

  • Selected items in ALL open bins
  • Timecode: Start
  • Source Name: Tape Name or Source File Name (NOT Source file ID)
  • Uncheck “Match case when comparing source names”
  • Track to relink: All 3 checked
  • Create new sequence: check
  • Allow relink across rates: check


If you’ve done this correctly, Avid will make a new copy of your sequence using the proxy media labeled ‘relinked.’ You can tell that it was successful if the clip names in your sequence match the proxies. For example in Donut Dynamite, the proxy media is labeled ‘.new’


If you are having trouble, email with a screenshot of your relink settings

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