Photo Resources for Online Learning Period

Here are the resources provided by photo faculty and students. Thanks for the contributions!


  1. National Geographic
  2. Here’s an inspiring Photo Project 
  3. Here is the website for the former
  4. Photoshop 2020 tutorial This is free for all Emerson students and faculty
  5. Link to Ann Arbor Film festival
  6. Another resource from Syblla Smith from Lauren
  7. Diary of a Pandemic


  1.  Sebasio Selgado Silent Drama of Photography
  2. Ed Burtynksy Manufactured Landscapes and Green Education
  3. Taryn Simon: Life Behind the Bloodlines
  4. David Griffin: How Photography Connects Us
  5. Alec Soth and Stacy Baker: This is What Enduring Love Looks Like


Livestream sound meditation broadcast. It will stay up a week after the live event, every Sunday at 4:00 pm.  Best experienced with headphones or earbuds and eye masks. Use the full hour as a way to center, reset, and meditate. Get comfortable and share this gift with your community and Facebook and Instagram.  Their Instagram link is below.

This is the Science of Happiness podcast;

Meditation site: Insight Timer (this is a free app)



  1. Tales of Light:
  2. Salt of the Earth: Available on Amazon Prime
  3. Everybody Streets:
  4. Don’t Blink, Robert Frank: Now on iTunes
  5. Abstract, the Art of Design,
  6. Faces, Places, Agnes Varda and JR, Available on Amazon Prime
  7. Gary Winogrand, All Things Are Photographable, Available on Amazon Prime and Vudu
  8. Five Broken Cameras, Available on Youtube and iTunes
  9. What Remains, Life and Work of Sally Mann, Available on Amazon Prime and Vudu
  10. Which Way Is The Front Line From Here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington, Available on Amazon Prime, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play
  11. Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working with Time, Available on Amazon Prime



  1. Farewell to Stromness: Peter Maxwell Davies Philarmonia Orchestra: Spotify
  2. Peach Fuzz: Caamp
  3. Birdsong Opera:
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