Hasselblad Flextight X5 Scanner



The Hasselblad Flextight X5 scanner is to be used only by qualified and trained photo students. The scanner is located in Ansin room702 which should be locked at all times except when in use.


Video Demo

Hasselblad X5 Demo Video Timecodes
Assumes you know how to scan on a flatbed scanner
Image Resolution
Source/Target Scanning Sizes
Handling/Loading Negatives
Working with Large Files
What is different:
Scanner Preparation:
00:56 Film Holders
001:54 Software Interface
001:58 File Sizes
02:04 Quality & Speed
Scanner Prep:
02:15 Dust Cover
02:28 Opening Scanner
02:35 Power Button

Film Loading:
03:10 Select Negative Carrier
03:54 Clean/Dust Film
04:11 Load Negative Carrier
05:56 Mount Carrier onto Scanner
Software Walkthrough:
06:32 Launch Flextight Software
06:53 Preview
07:59 Scanning Settings (resolution, color, scan area, etc)
09:13 Do Not Change ‘Frame’ Setting-Leave it On
10:26 Corrections Windows
12:15 histogram
13:18 gradations
13:55 color correction
14:09 texture
15:10 Output Size
16:09 note: Image orientation options are available below the resolution settings under “view”
16:12 Save File & Final Scan
17:27 Verify File (color, file size, resolution) in Photoshop
20:20 Copy File to External Drive
Scanner Unloading:
20:18 Removing Carrier, Close Scanning Bed and Powering Scanner Down
20:48 Un-mounting/Re-sleeving Negative
21:20 Replace Dust Cover



Scanning Guide

Before Scanning:

The computer connected to the Hasselblad scanner is the computer right next to the Hasselblad scanner labeled as "Hasselblad 01/02". Make sure the Firewire cable is fully plugged into the back of the computer before launching the software.



  1: Remove the plastic cover from the scanner and flip down the front panel.

  2: Hit the red power button to turn the scanner on.

  3: Take the original holder saying "FLEXTIGHT" (white/black box) on the table and select the holder that fits your negative (35mm, 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x9, and 4x5). 6x7 negative can be scanned with 6x9 holder. Always store with the plastic clip up.

  4: Wear gloves when handling negatives.

  5: Insert your negative into the holder by using the light table to make sure the negative is aligned. Be careful not to pull up too far on the flexible black part of the holder.

  6: Use canned air and the orange cloth to keep the film dust free.

  7: Bring the holder over to the scanner.

  8: Align the sides of the holder to the track and slide forward. The notch at the top lines up with the post and is magnetic so it should click into place. Make sure it is flush and straight.

9: Launch "FlexColor" application on the scanning station.



Make sure Automatic Framing is on. (slightly darker grey)


11. Choose the type of your film under "Setup", "Frame", and "Mode" (should be RGB 16 Bit)

12. In the app, hit "Preview" to start scanning.


13: Drag a rectangle or square around the image you want to keep (Use the Rotate button to flip).


14: Change PPI as 3200 (if you want to get a high quality image)


15: Use "Corrections" tools to do basic color correction. Disable "Unsharp Mask" under the "Texture" button.




16: Hit "Scan"


17: Send it to the Desktop to save. Choose the TIFF format.


Downloadable PDFs

Hasselblad Flextight X5 Manual (Scanner) pdf

FlexColor Manual Scanners

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