Customize your Canvas Dashboard

You can choose what courses appear on your dashboard in Canvas:

On your dashboard, click View All Courses at top left:

The Canvas dashboard with the View All Courses link indicated with an arrow.

To add your course to the dashboard, click the star next to a course. Orange stars show the courses have been added to the dashboard:

The All Courses section of a Canvas account, with two courses unstarred and one with an orange star to its left.


Starred courses will also appear on your "Courses" Menu:

An expanded Courses Menu in Canvas, with an arrow indicating its icon.


You can also toggle between the dashboard's Card View (which shows course cards), List View (which shows upcoming due dates and events in all your active courses), and Recent Activity (which shows recent announcements, notifications, and discussion posts in all your courses). To do so, click the vertical ellipses button at top right of the dashboard:

The Canvas dashboard with the View button at top right indicated with an arrow and expanded.


Learn more about each dashboard view here. The steps in these guides apply to both students and instructors:

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