Connecting to Wireless with iOS (Boston)

Getting your iPhone or iPad onto Eduroam (Emerson's wireless network) almost couldn’t be easier!

    • From the Home Screen tap on the Settings app. In Settings, tap WiFi.


    • Wait for the list of available wireless networks to populate, and then tap on Eduroam. You will then be prompted for your Emerson username and password. Enter them in the appropriate fields. Then tap Join.


    • After a moment, you will be prompted with a certificate file. This will come from our authentication server, server! Tap Accept.
    • That's it! After another moment, a check mark will appear next to "Eduroam" and the WiFi symbol will appear in your status bar. You're connected!


You should not be prompted to trust any different server names, even if you connect to eduroam from a different campus or a different country. Do not allow your device to send your Emerson username and password to any server except

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