Troubleshooting: Accessing the Adobe Creative Cloud


Whether you are in-class or using a workstation, you find yourself needing to use an Adobe application. So logically you decide to launch one, and are quickly met with the following window:


As you close it, so does the application. Well, what now? Thankfully, this article will go over that very question, showing you how to gain access to the Adobe Creative Cloud within the EML.

Logging into Adobe with your Emerson Account

Typically, the "Update Required" window is encountered when a user has not logged into the Adobe Creative Cloud. Whenever you log into a workstation within the EML, a browser window automatically opens up to the login page for the Adobe Creative Cloud.


If you intend on using any Adobe application, you will need to first login using your Emerson email and password, then complete the Duo authentication process. Once done, feel free to (re)launch your Adobe application of choice.

I've closed the Login window!

That is alright, no need to worry! You are able to also login through the Adobe Creative Cloud application on your Workstation. First, click the Adobe Creative Cloud executable on the desktop or Start Menu.


You should then be prompted with this following window:


If you do not see a browser window open up, then please click the "sign in here" link below. Afterwards, you will be free to sign in using your Emerson credentials upon seeing this screen:


Once you reach this window, despite what it may seem, you have successfully logged in. You may close out of this window and proceed to (re)launch your Adobe application of choice!


With that, you are now be able to access and work with the Adobe apps. Close out of the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop window and (re)launch your desired Adobe application. If you encounter any further issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to a lab assistant in the Ansin 314 office or email

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