Troubleshooting: Wacom Pens


Within the EML in Ansin 312, each of the workstations have a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24" display. Using a Wacom Pen accessory, made specific for this model, you are able to interact with and "draw" in software on the display in a style reminiscent of a drawing board. That said, at times, despite having a pen, you might find that the Cintiq seems to ignore your pen strokes. Here is one common fix worth trying.

Wacom Desktop Center

When logged in, click on the search bar or the Windows logo on the bottom left of your screen and search up "Wacom Desktop Center".


From there, click to open the program.


 On the left side, select Support, and then Driver Check on the right.


If the checker states it has found errors, click Restart driver and wait a few moments. If it states there are no problems, and you are encountering issues anyways, restart the driver just to be safe.


 If you did not see any connected devices before this fix and the issue is now resolved, they should now appear under the section titled "My Devices". This won't include the pen, but generally if no devices connect or are recognized after a few moments, that may be a sign of a driver-related issue.



Hopefully, with this fix, you can now use the Wacom pen accessory with the Cintiq display. If the issue persists (or if you encounter any issues in general), please do not hesitate to ask the lab assistants to help. They will be in the Ansin 314 office. Alternatively, reach out to for general questions and issues.


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