Exporting from Avid


  • Once you are happy with your sequence, make sure to save and backup your project.
  • In your timeline window, select all of your audio/video tracks. Then set In (I) and Out (O) points before & after you first & last frame.


  • With the timeline window still selected, navigate to File > Output > Export to File…


  • Select the "Options..." button.


  • Set export as to "QuickTime Movie" unless otherwise instructed.


  • Select "Custom" instead of "Same as Source"and click “Format Options.”


  • Select "Settings..." in the pop-up that appears.
  • Set your compression type. If you have questions about which codec you should use, take a look at this article.


  • Select "OK" twice.
  • Make sure that "Video and Audio" is selected.
  • Under the Video Format tab, match the width and height to your desired export resolution (1920x1080 in most cases).


  • Select "Save".
  • Navigate to where you would like to export your project to, give it a name, and select "Save" again. Depending on the size of your project and the settings you chose, this may take some time.

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