Adobe Creative Cloud in Labs - managing software versions


Per Emerson's policy, we cannot update software in the middle of the Academic year. Software is updated each August in preparation for the upcoming year and we will run these versions through the following August regardless of updates that are released throughout the year.

How to check which version you have

Open the Applications folder and locate your software. You'll notice that the Creative Cloud year is listed (in this case, 2021) but there is also a more specific version number to check. 


Cross reference the version number with the one listed here: Software Versions

How to download an older version of any Creative Cloud app

Older versions of Creative Cloud software must be downloaded through the Creative Cloud Desktop app. 

See Adobe's official website: Install previous versions of your Creative Cloud apps

Just be careful that you always open your project in the correct version. If you simply double-click on a project file, it might open in the wrong version.Avoid this by opening the correct program first then select the project under file/open project...

How to send a Premiere project to an older version

Unfortunately, there is no official way to migrate a new project to an old versions. Below are two workarounds for this problem. 

Online Converter Tool

Please note that this method is not officially supported by Adobe nor are we prepared to troubleshoot issues that you may face with this method. Please back up your project to a separate hard drive before attempting these.

Third party Premiere project "downgrader:"


Open your Premiere project. Export each of your sequences as a Final Cut XML. If you have multiple sequences, you will want to create a folder and name each individual XML in an organized fashion. 


Now open the older version of Premiere and start a new project. Import all of your XMLs and your sequences should appear exactly as they did in the previous project.

Unfortunately, this method does not account for bins or other project organization & metadata. If you are dealing with a larger complicated project, it may be worth trying an alternative method.

How to send an After Effects project to an older version


Open your project in the version of After Effects that you used last. Open the file menu and select "Save As" then "save a copy as CC (##). This will create a new, duplicate project file. This new file will open in older versions of After Effects corresponding to the number you selected (i.e. "Save a Copy As CC (15.x)..." will create a file you can open in After Effects 2015 or sooner.

NOTE: It is a good idea to rename your project files so that you always know which version to open.

Photoshop, Illustrator, and other programs

Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are backward compatible, so all you have to do is download the correct version and your project should open properly.

Why is Emerson using these versions?

It is our policy to remain on the same version until the end of the academic year. We update our computers in August in preparation for the upcoming academic year and we stick to these versions until the following August. 

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