Computer Lab Reservations

Classroom lab spaces can be reserved for events through Spacebook when they are not already reserved for academic activity.

First Support Contact: the Help Desk


To book a lab for a class or activity, please submit a ticket through our help center.

  • Staff and Faculty may request a lab through EMS, but reservation confirmations require at least 1 business day to process.
  • Student groups can make a reservation through a staff or faculty sponsor.

Best Effort:

  • Requests for multiple dates in one semester will be considered, however recurring semester-long reservation requests should be coordinated through academic departments and with Registrar and Academic Affairs.
  • Same day lab reservation requests cannot be guaranteed.

Not Supported:

  • Requests are accepted for the current semester only. Future semester requests should be placed at the start of the semester once the academic course schedule has been released by Registrar.
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