What's in the Mix Window?


The Pro Tools Mix Window is where you adjust volume levels and panning, insert effects and instruments, and route signals into and out of Pro Tools.




The Channel Strip

Gives the “mixer perspective” of each track in your session. When learning about channels, it is important to think about the mixer as a series of channel strips.



Volume Fader - Increase or decrease the playback level of the track. As well as the monitor level of the track when recording.


Record Enabled - When active (Red = Active, Gray = Not Active), the track will now receive audio signal from the input chosen. The record button should be flashing read when actually recording.


Solo Button - When selected and highlighted, all other tracks are muted and the single track is the only one that plays.


Mute Button - When selected and highlighted, the following track will have no volume output.


Track Input Monitor Button - When enabled, only monitor / hear the input of the track while record is enabled.


Inserts - There are 10 available inserts per channel in Pro Tools. Inserts allow you to directly “insert” a plug-­‐in processor or instrument into the signal path.


Sends - There are 10 sends available per channel. A send is different from an insert in that you “send” a copy of the signal to a processor, and have it return on an Aux Track to be mixed with the original.


I/O (Input & Output)

This section refers to the audio signals coming into and out of Pro Tools. The options available to you depend on your system configuration. You will see inputs 1 & 2 for either microphone or line-­‐level signals. Generally, your outputs will be your speaker or headphones (main stereo).



Automation allows you to record various movements (pan knobs, volume fader, etc.) of your mixer channel. This section allows you to change automation modes.



This drop down menu gives you access to the various groups (all drum tracks, all back up vocals, etc) you included this track in for mixing.


Pan Knobs

Panning allows you to move a sound signal left to right in the stereo field (left/right ears). Pro Tools has both Mono & Stereo tracks. Depending on this distinction, you will see one or two pan knobs per channel. The green number indicates how far to the left or right you have placed the sound, 0 being the center.


Mute, Solo, & Record Enable

The Mute button turns a track off so you don’t hear it. The Solo button turns every other track off, so you can concentrate on the one you want to hear. Record Enable prepares a track to be recorded on.


Volume Fader & V/U Meter

This fader adjusts the volume of your track. It defaults to 0 (unity gain), which is not off. The V/U Meter (Volume Units) is a visual representation of volume.


Name Plate

This displays the name of your track. When highlighted, it shows what track you are working on. It also indicated the type of track (audio, MIDI, etc).


Tracks List

Displays the names of tracks in your session. You can hide tracks (but still hear them) by clicking on the little dot to the left of each track.

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