Pro Tools KeyBoard Commands (Mac)

Session Set-Up and Navigation

Shortcut Pro Tools
New Session ⌘ N
Open Session ⌘ O
Save Session ⌘ S
Save Session As ⌘ shift S
Zoom In ⌘ [
Zoom Out ⌘ ]
Zoom to Entire session ⌘ control [
Zoom to Selection ⌘ control ] (or option F)
Increase Track Height Control up arrow
Decrease Track Height Control down arrow
Adjust waveform height ⌘ option [ or ⌘ option ]
Play/Stop Spacebar
Play half speed Shift spacebar
Preroll ⌘ K
Loop playback ⌘ shift L (or Control-click on transport play button)
Scrub Audio Control then click and drag mouse
Skip to next edit Tab (if Tab to transients is disabled)
Skip to previous edit Option Tab (if Tab to transients is disabled)
Go to Start of session Return
Go to End of Session Option Return


Shortcut Pro Tools
Start Record Command spacebar, or F12, or 3 on numeric keyboard
Stop Record Spacebar
Import Audio ⌘ shift I
Import Session data Option shift I
Export Mix Highlight in and out time then press ⌘ option B to bounce-to-disk
Export Selected Audio ⌘ K (or use bounce as above)


Shortcut Pro Tools
Set Edit In point Down Arrow
Set Edit Out point Up Arrow
Split audio at Cursor (or spilt selected area) ⌘ E
Cut Selected Area and close gap ⌘ X or Delete (in shuffle mode)
Cut Selected Area and leave gap Delete (in slip mode)
Insert Audio ⌘ V (in shuffle mode)
Copy ⌘ C
Paste Audio ⌘ V
Replace highlighted audio ⌘ V (in shuffle mode)
Duplicate highlighted audio ⌘ D
Make Crossfade from selection ⌘ F (opens fade window), ⌘ control F (uses default fade)
Fade Out from cursor to segment end Option G
Fade In from cursor to segment end Option D
Consolidate Clips Option shift 3
Nudge Clip Fn control < fn control > (on compact keyboard) + or – (on extended keyboard )
Change Nudge value ⌘ option +/-
Move clip vertically to new track Control drag with grabber tool
Auto-Level selected clip No equivalent


Shortcut Pro Tools
Select from current segment to end Option shift return
Select from current segment to beginning Shift return
Group Tracks Shift-click
or command-click on track names to be made a group. Press ⌘ G
Ungroup Tracks Shift ⌘ G to suspend all groups deselect group name in groups window
Select contiguous clips Shift-click on last adjacent clip
Select non contiguous clips ⌘ click on clips
Group highlighted clips ⌘ option G
Ungroup selected clips ⌘ option U
Mute/Unmute clips ⌘ M
Lock/Unlock clips ⌘ L
Play selection Option [


Shortcut Pro Tools
Add marker Enter (on numeric keyboard) fn Return (on compact keyboard)
Go to marker . marker number . (on numeric keyboard)
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