MP3 Files in Avid Media Composer


MP3 files are a compressed form of media. In general, it is best practice to work with uncompressed formats in NLE software like Avid Media Composer. Furthermore, support for MP3 media in Avid Media Composer was lost in the Mac OS transition to 64-bit software. The good news is that we have an easy workaround to reformat your MP3 Audio files so you may import them in Avid Media Composer


Open Adobe Media Encoder

Drag your MP3 file into the queue window


Open the Preset dropdown menu and select AIFF 


Click the blue text under output name to choose a location to save your new file and rename it, if you would like


Click the green play button to encode an AIFF version of your audio file.


From here, the process of importing in Avid Media Composer is the same as a typical import.

Navigate to File/Input/Source Browser


In the Source Browser window, locate the new AIFF file and highlight it


Below, you may select Link or import.

Only select Link if you have your AIFF file saved in a safe location such as a hard drive or your students drive on the server.

If you select Import, set your Resolution and Target drive (location where the new Avid Media File will be created).

Select your target bin.


Then select import. Your imported file should be available in Avid Media Composer in the target bin you selected. 



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