DFL Found Footage Policy


The Emerson College Film Post Lab has a good amount of found footage that students and faculty may use in their projects. Most of it is leftover black and white reversal film from previous students, however there is also a small of collection prints in their original canisters. In addition to what's in 606, the bins in the editing suites are also full of great material just waiting to be repurposed! 

Found footage requires a corresponding reservation for a DFL facility in order to use, and should be treated as a consumable. It is a finite resource and cannot leave the building unless you plan to use it in a project (i.e. selects that you intend to cut into your finished film, or the finished film itself). Please return any and all unused found footage (in its original canister, if applicable) to the DFL when finished with your reservation. Do not take found footage for personal use or keep it from others who might want to use it. 

The DFL reserves the right to decline found footage to anyone if it is determined that the patron does not have a corresponding reservation for a DFL facility or if the patron does not intend to use the footage for coursework.

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