16mm Looper Tutorial

16mm loopers are essentially projectors fitted with custom plates on the top, as well as specialized rollers on each arm instead of reels (though reels can be used in a pinch). Aside from the loop itself, the projector operates like any other Eiki projector. Training on an Eiki SSL is required in order to be approved for the loopers.


Case Contents

Each looper comes in a hard case with wheels. The case contains:

An Eiki SSL 16mm projector w/ custom handle

A looper plate

A film holder/guide rod with hex nut

Two custom rollers (fitted to projector)

A small rubber cap

Setting up the Looper

Place the projector in the location that you plan to use it before installing the plate, as it will be much more difficult to move without access to the handle. Once the projector is set, slide the guide rod onto the top thread of the handle and screw the hex nut down (you will need a pair of needle nose pliers). Set the plate on top of the guide, with the hole lined up on the middle pin. 

Top_Screw.JPG     Top_Plate_Empty.JPG

Place your reel of film onto the rear arm and pull out 4–6” of leader. WITH THE EMULSION SIDE FACING OUT, gently fold the leader onto itself and tape it down on top of the plate. Use the rubber cap to create about an inch of space between the center of the plate and the film (THIS IS IMPORTANT TO KEEP THE FILM FLOWING FREELY) and begin winding the film COUNTER CLOCKWISE. 

Once you reach the end of your film, place the bar over the plate by slightly unscrewing the golden caps and hooking it underneath one, then hinging it into the other. Tighten both screws to secure. Pull the tail of the film down and thread the projector from back to front, allowing it to unspool from the top as necessary. Once you reach the front roller, STOP and untape the head from the top of the plate. Splice the head to the tail, making sure there are no twists in the film, and remove the rubber cap from between the film and the plate. 


Run the projector. The film will flow freely, but the takeup side may need to be helped back onto the plate if there is too much slack. Watch the loop all the way through to confirm the splice is good. 

After Projection is Complete

Once you’ve finished using the looper, remove your splice (either by peeling off the tape or by cutting it). Place a reel on the takeup side of the projector, attach the head of the film to said reel, and run as normal, allowing the film to accumulate on the reel. 

Once the film has cleared the looper and projector, place a split reel with a core, or the original reel if applicable, on the feed side and rewind the film onto the core. PLACE ALL COMPONENTS BACK IN THE PELICAN CASE.


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