Preparing Super 8/Regular 8mm Film for a Transfer

When your 8mm film comes back from the lab, it should have roughly 3' of leader on the head and tail. This is an appropriate amount of leader for a digital transfer, however if your film is an old home movie or if you've hand processed it in the darkroom, and it does not have leader on both ends, please refer to the guide below on attaching leader to your film. 

Equipment Needed

You will need...

  • your film
  • a super 8/regular 8mm splicer
  • white super 8/regular 8mm leader
  • 8mm rewinds


Using either a guillotine splicer or a press tape splicer, cut roughly 3' of leader off of the large spool from the supply box. Splice it to the head of your film, and pull it to the take-up side of the rewind making sure that you're going over to overUnspool another 3' of leader and splice it to the tail, then pull the prepared film back to the feed side so it can be transferred properly. The head should be coming out on the right with the sprocket holes facing you, just like 16mm film. 

Final Steps

Label your film with your name and email address, as well as course number and name if your film has one. Drop it off at the annex in 606; you will receive an email once your transfer is complete!

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