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Lab and kiosk locations and resources

Browse profiles of all the labs on campus and see what is available. You can choose an open-access, classroom, or specialty lab—or even a kiosk—to meet your needs.

Open-Access Labs

All students, faculty, and staff are welcome to use open-access lab resources during lab operation hours. Classes are not scheduled in these labs, making them a great place to settle to get your work done–all day, if need be.

APL: Advanced Projects Lab

Walker 415



Ansin 111


Classroom Labs

Classroom labs are instructional spaces where classes and workshops are held. During operating hours when they are not reserved, these spaces are open for general use. Please see the current lab schedule to see when these labs are available. See our lab reservations form to reserve a lab for a course or an event.

ATL: Academic Technology Lab

Walker 418


CML1: Communications & Marketing Lab 1

Walker 634


CML2: Communications & Marketing Lab 2

Walker 633


JRL: Journalism Lab

Walker 638


LEC: Library Electronic Classroom

Walker 322


WPL: Writing & Publishing Lab

Ansin 112


Specialized Labs

In addition to our open-access and classroom labs, Emerson has numerous computing spaces dedicated to production and other curriculum-specific activities. Each specialty lab is a great resource for students enrolled in the academic program it is tailored to serve.

3DL: 3-D Lab

Ansin 312


CAD Lab: Computer-Aided Design Lab

Tufte 1010


CSD: Communication Sciences & Disorders Lab

216 Tremont, Room 812


Digital Post-Production Labs and Suites

Ansin floors 6–8


The DPL and Suites are equipped with hardware and software specifically suited to Visual and Media Arts students' needs. On-site support is provided by dedicated TRF staff.

These spaces include:

  • DFL: Digital Film Post-Production Suites - Ansin 6 & 8
  • DPL1: Digital Production Lab 1 - Ansin 809
  • DPL2: Digital Production Lab 2 - Ansin 703
  • DPL Suites - Ansin 8
  • VEL: Video Editing Lab - Ansin 803

Visit TRF's site and Post-Production blog for detailed information about these spaces.

NSR: Newsroom

Walker 628


PEL: Photo Editing Lab

Ansin 206



For your convenience, computer kiosks for quick Internet access and printing can be found at various locations around campus. Kiosks are available during all hours of building operation. However, during busy periods, users are asked to restrict their kiosk use to five minutes.

Internet Kiosks

Internet Kiosks

  • Ansin Building, 180 Tremont Street
    • 2nd floor
  • Tufte PPC, 10 Boylston Place
    • 5th floor
    • 6th floor
    • 10th floor
  • Walker Building, 120 Boylston Street
    • 2nd floor
    • 4th floor
    • 5th floor
    • 6th floor

Internet kiosks are available throughout campus for quick email, Internet, and Pages access between classes. They are equipped with the latest web browsers and other basic computer software. In addition, each keyboard has an open USB port suitable for use with flash drives and similar devices.

Print Kiosks

Print Kiosks

  • Paramount Center, 555 Washington Street
    • 3rd Floor
  • Colonial Building, 100 Boylston Street
    • Basement laundry room
  • Walker Building, 120 Boylston Street
  • Piano Row, 150 Boylston Street
    • 1st Floor

Print kiosks are located around campus to give you quick access to black and white printers without having to go into a lab. Like the Internet kiosks, print kiosks give email, Internet, and Pages access. They are equipped with the latest web browsers and other basic computer software. In addition, each keyboard has an open USB port suitable for use with flash drives and similar devices.

Reference Kiosks

Library Reference Kiosks

Reference kiosks provide quick access to the Library's database resources.

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