IT Laptop Vending Agreement

Emerson College IT has a pool of laptops available to vend at the IT Help Desk in Boston. They are available to all full-time students, staff, and faculty.

Vended laptops are intended for temporary use, such as for events or to bridge a gap during computer repair or purchase. Students should review our Purchasing a Personal Computer guide for purchasing recommendations and Staff & Faculty will follow our Computer and Tech Purchasing guidelines. Please see our vending guide for a list of currently available laptop types and other vended computer supplies.

Terms and Conditions

Please note that the following are in addition to the Equipment Distribution Center’s Terms of Use.

  • Laptops may be reserved via our vending patron portal.
  • Laptops are available to vend for up to 30 days. Extensions may be granted for reasons including:
    • Faculty/staff awaiting the arrival of a newly ordered computer or a computer in repair.
    • Students with a longer term need for a computer referred to IT by Student Success.
  • The assigned patron is responsible for the laptop’s care and undamaged return. Damage or loss caused by negligence or failure to return may be billed to the department or individual 30 days after the due date.
  • Laptops are wiped upon return. No locally stored data will be retained. If the patron requires any customizations (including software), they must submit the request 2 business days in advance of pickup.
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