Electronic Faxing

Emerson now uses eFax as a hosted fax solution where users can send and receive fax transmissions using an Emerson Gmail account.

The College has moved from Metrofax to eFax for enhanced security when transmitting faxes and to centrally manage electronic faxing services under one corporate account.  Departments with active Metrofax accounts are advised to submit a ticket to helpdesk@emerson.edu to have their account migrated to the Emerson College eFax corporate account.   There are no additional or future costs to move a Metrofax account to eFax and processing payment by P-Card will be eliminated once the account is migrated.

To move an existing account from Metrofax to eFax please submit a ticket to helpdesk@emerson.edu with the following information:

  • Department Name
  • Current MetroFax phone number assigned by Metrofax (not the Emerson phone number used to receive faxes)
  • P-Card holder paying for the Metrofax service and their email address
  • Emerson email address used to send and receive faxes

Once the request is received, a date and time will be given for the migration.  Prior to the migration make sure all current faxes are saved from the Metrofax online portal if they are not already in Gmail.

How to send a fax with eFax Corporate® via email

1.       Create a new email message in the Emerson fax Gmail inbox.

2.       In the To: Field where you normally put an email address just type in 1+ the fax number you want to @efaxsendsecure.com.  Always make sure it’s in this format, even if it’s local.

3.       Now attach any documents you want to fax. Any format, pdf, Word, Excel, a PowerPoint file, a jpeg image file, anything.


4.       Click Send and wait a few minutes for the Successful Confirmation email.


Please contact Emerson IT with any questions or issues regarding electronic faxing.

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