Looking for a quick way to show off your animation? Look no further!

Playblasts from Maya can provide real-time previews of your animation. Once you’re satisfied with what you’ve got, here’s how you can make one.


Playblast Menu

  • The Playblast menu can be found either by right-clicking the timeline or under the ‘Windows’ drop down menu.
  • Both menus will complete the task, but the menu found under ‘Windows’ offers a section to edit the time range.

Playblast Options

  • Click the option box next to ‘Playblast…’ to access the Playblast Options.
  • If you’re just making a simple Playblast, the options should look a little like this:


  • Make sure Encoding is set to H.264 rather than Photo-JPEG as we want a video of the animation.
  • To keep your animation consistent, you should Playblast using the display size from render settings, but Playblasting from window works too if you haven’t decided on your render settings yet.

Saving Your Playblast

  • Before you hit Playblast/Apply, title your movie file (i.e. Doe_John_Playblast_01)
  • Click Browse to secure the location of your Playblast file.


Now you have a Playblast to share with the world!

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