Setting up a Maya Project


This article will go over setting up your Maya project directory, as well as generating the project's organizational file structure.


  • File > Set Project..., then navigate to or create your project folder. By default, Maya saves your scenes to the appropriately named scenes folder in the Default project, which can be found in:
  • Having done that, you ensure that your scenes will be saved in your set project folder by default. That said, if you have created a new folder and would like to keep your project structure organized, then go to File > Project Window. Confirm the names of your soon-to-be generated folders or keep their default names, then click Accept.


  • This will generate several folders in your project directory, and is important if you wish to use the Render Farm.

With that, your project should be set up. That said, if you are planning to export your models/assets from Maya and into a game engine such as Unity, please consider reading through the Maya Project Scaling & Exporting for Unity guide. For any questions, please reach out to a Lab Assistant or

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