Using S-Log Footage in After Effects

What is S-Log?

S-Log is a gamma curve used to shoot “flat” footage which must be edited later. The purpose of S-Log footage is to capture as much data as possible for the sake of retaining detail much like in the example below:

S-Log footage also provides your colorist with more options and directions to take footage in terms of the scene’s “mood” or “feel.”

S-Log vs REC709

Once you’ve imported your footage, AE will default to display it in the standard color space REC709. The footage looks as if it has been color corrected instead of being flat. The result is often blown out-over saturated colors.

Interpret Footage

Right Click your footage and select the option Interpret Footage, then Main. (Shortcut Command + Option + G) Click “More Options…” in the bottom left hand corner then select S-Log from the Pop-Up Window. Your footage should now be displaying properly in the viewer!


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