Dynamic Linking with Premiere and After Effects

What is Dynamic Linking?

Dynamic linking is a feature that allows you to bring a clip or sequence directly into After Effects from Premiere. Any changes you make in After Effects will immediately show up in Premiere. This is helpful when it comes to implementing VFX or graphics on a Premiere sequence once it is picture locked.

Linking a Clip From Premiere to After Effects

  • In Premiere select a clip or a group of clips and right click.
  • Select “Replace with After Effects Composition” from the popup menu.
  • After Effects will open and ask you to save your project. Save your AE project with your Premiere project.
  • Your clips will now be in a composition in After Effects, and are ready to be edited.
  • Whenever you save your AE project, it will update in Premiere.


Linking a Sequence From Premiere to After Effects

  • In After Effects navigate to File>Import>File
  • Locate your project and open it.
  • A window in After Effects will pop up asking which sequence you want to import.
  • Choose your sequence
  • The sequence will show up in the Project panel, and can be brought into a comp.
  • Any changes you make in Premiere will reflect in After Effects when you save in Premiere.


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