16mm Darkroom Cookbook and Chemistry Log

16mm Cookbook for Hand Processing

The 16mm Cookbook Kathryn Ramey compiled can now be accessed digitally! Please feel free to refer to this guide when hand processing or to simply learn more about the different processes. If you ever have any questions about developing 16mm, please feel free to reach out to postproduction@emerson.edu for more information! 



16mm Chemistry Log 

It is incredibly important for every 16mm sink user to complete the 16mm Chemistry Log. This allows the darkroom team to track the shelf life of all the chemicals that are used. 16mm Chemicals are good for a specific amount of footage, so please make sure to complete the log after every reservation. There is a QR code next to the sink that takes you to the Chem Log as well. 


Current Chemistry Log

Here is a preview of the current status of the chemistry log. Please refer to this log when trying to figure out time compensation for developing. More information on developing time compensation can be found in the Cookbook shown above. 




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