Broadcast Monitors (Sony) in 808H, 808C, and 808E

In Suite 808H and 808E, we have two broadcast monitors set up: The larger LG mounted to the wall and a smaller Sony Monitor to the side. The LG monitor is an OLED display and the Sony is an LDC. Both are capable of 4K and HDR monitoring.

In Suite 808C, we have one broadcast monitor: the Sony LCD.

In Suites 808E and 808H, the larger LG monitor automatically adjusts to out settings from the I/O Box in the rack (the Blackmagic Mini 4K). The Sony monitor does not automatically adjust to these settings. If you are seeing an output on the LG monitor but not the Sony monitor, that means we need to adjust the Resolution and Color space settings on the Sony. Here's how we do that.


Make sure the Sony monitor is on - you will see a green light above the power button.


The Sony monitor has different "Channels" based on Resolution, Input, and Color Space.

First, you need to asses what resolution and color space the project is. Ask the user or check the project/timeline settings. (Resolution: HD/2K or 4K? Color Space: 709, 2020, or DCI-P3? Most projects in our suites are 709).

Once you have that information, hit the Channels button (CH Select) on the far left.


Use the "select/enter" wheel on the right side to scroll to the desired setting. The input will always be input 1. In this example, the project is HD (1920x1080) in  Rec-709 Standard Dynamic Range (SDR, BT.709).

(Note: There are 30 channels to scroll through with different settings, each representing different combinations of resolution, input, and color space - I suggest starting by looking for the proper resolution).


Once you find the correct channel, press the "select/enter" wheel to select your channel. 


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