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The Basics: Your account and getting online

Getting started with your Emerson Account

Your Emerson account is how you access campus computers and networked services. Your account username is most likely in the form of your firstname_lastname. Your password is something only you know.

These credentials grant you access to the following (and more):

Save yourself from your future self! Go to My Account now to provide a non-Emerson email address and a mobile number. We'll need this information to reset your password if you ever forget it.

Your Emerson email

Now that you're one of us, you have an Emerson Gmail account. Your address is your Emerson username followed by @emerson.edu (so usually: firstname_lastname@emerson.edu), and your password is your Emerson Account password.

Check your email at google.emerson.edu, or add it to the email application on your mobile device or computer.

Please note that the College considers the transmission of information to its community, via email, to College-assigned email addresses as a form of official notification. It is your responsibility to check your Emerson email account regularly.

Students/Faculty may adjust email settings so that messages sent to their College-assigned email address are redirected to an alternate/preferred email address of their choosing. To do so, please find our instructions at it.emerson.edu. Staff may not forward their email.


eCommon is the portal for managing your life at Emerson, providing access to:

  • your schedule, registration, and grades
  • billing, financial aid, and holds
  • meal plan selection
  • workshops, events, college news and announcements
  • student life information
  • academic department and advisor contact information
  • emergency contact designation (whom the school contacts if you have an emergency)

Because eCommon lets you access important personal information, be sure to log out when you are done!

Getting online

At Emerson, you can connect to the internet via our wireless or wired Ethernet networks. See these instructions for our wireless network.

Need to plug in? Use the purple Ethernet jacks located in dorm rooms in the following buildings:

Piano Row

and most building common areas.

If you need any assistance or want to report a problem, let us know!


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