Alumni Email Service Changes

Due to changes in Google's unlimited storage offerings, Emerson's Alumni Email program will be retired on June 1st, 2025. All existing Alumni Email participants will have until then to back up their data and update contacts. The class of 2024 and all subsequent graduating classes will continue to retain access to their Emerson email for one year after commencement.

Why are these changes happening?

Google no longer offers unlimited storage to institutions of higher education. New pricing structures Google introduced in 2021 for universities and colleges would be impractical for thousands Alumni accounts, ongoing.

Instead, Google offers 15GB for free, and 1TB for $10 a month.

How can I back up my data?

To back up your files, please follow our guide for Exporting Google Drive and Gmail. Please note that Alumni Email participants already do not have Google Drive access, so Google Drive instructions are only applicable to active students or those still within a year since graduation.

What else can I do to plan?

Some ways to make sure the transition is smooth is:

  • Any services (newsletters, websites, streaming services, social media etc.) for which you use your Emerson alumni email address, log into those and update the email address on file to a different or personal address.
  • Set an out of office message on your Emerson Alumni email address saying that this email address is no longer checked, and to please send to your other contact.
  • Notify your most important contacts that have been emailing your Emerson Alumni email address and inform them to update their contact for you to your personal address.

What individual plans does Google offer?

If you do not already have a personal Gmail account, see Google's resources to choose a plan that works for you.

Where can I find more information about what will happen to my account and access after graduation?

Please see our Account Access for Departing Students guide.

How do I contact Alumni Relations or Emerson IT with more questions?

See our Contact Us pages for Information Technology and Alumni Relations.

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