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grad_mac.pngCongrats, grad! Even though you are moving on and up in the world, you'll probably be glad to hear your Emerson account will remain active for one year from your graduation date. The official policy is posted on the Emerson main site, but we're going to review how this affects each of the IT services you use below.

Emerson email

You can keep your @emerson.edu address for one year. You can sign up for a permanent @alumni.emerson.edu forwarding address through the Office of Alumni Relations at: http://connection.emerson.edu/s/1427/social.aspx


You will have access to your Emerson Box account for one year after graduation. If you create a Box account with your personal email address, you can then put in a request (it.emerson.edu/help) to have your Emerson Box files transferred to your new account during this time. Box's free "Individual" plan has a storage limit of 10 GB, and a file size limit of 250 MB. You are, of course, free to upgrade your own Box plan for more storage options.

Canvas account

You will have read-only access to Canvas for one year after graduation. If you think you might want to access your old course materials in the future, you should download them during this one-year period.


You will continue to have access to Lynda.com through your Emerson account for one year after graduation. If you decide to sign up for a personal plan with Lynda, you can contact their customer support team to request your course history be transferred to your new account.


You will have access to Emerson.build for one year after graduation. Emerson.build is powered by Reclaim Hosting, with whom you can set up a personal hosting plan and migrate your Build site during this one-year period. You can also use the cPanel to export a complete backup of your site to use with a different hosting service of your choice.


While you will technically have access to Isilon for one year after graduation, we strongly recommend you download your files to a storage drive before you leave campus, as this service cannot be accessed from elsewhere.


You will continue to have access to Pages for one year, during which time we recommend you download a copy of your files.


You can access your word.emerson.edu blog for one year after graduation. During this time, you should use the WordPress Export tool to download a copy of your blog. This content can then be imported to a new WordPress blog.

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