Getting Started with Argos Reporting

Argos - Emerson's standard reporting tool

Argos is “Business Intelligence” software that allows you to pull Banner data using a pre-made report. You can pull this data into PDF or CSV format, depending on how the report was created. For example, one can use Argos to pull a list of students who meet some criteria, or a list of courses for a certain term.


 Access and security

To request access to Argos, please see the security article here:


Argos report viewer training video:


Running a report

If you currently do not have access to Argos, please see the security section to request access from the data owner.

Once you have access, you would simply go to https:\\ Select the "Use Single Sign-On" option and log in using your Emerson credentials.

Note: the training materials are available to download at the bottom of the article.

Select the Argos Web Viewer option.  


If the web viewer option does not show up, go here:


Note:  VPN is not needed when using the Web Viewer.


You will see the folders to which you have access.  Select the folder and then choose a report to run. 

If there are prompts, they will be presented to you.  Once you answer the prompts, you can choose to view the data or run the report.

To view the data, select the "Display Results" button.  

To run the report, select the Reports dropdown at the top of the screen then select the report and then select "Run".   The report will be automatically downloaded to your computer.




Argos Training

Evisions, the company behind Argos, has many training videos on Just search for "Argos training" to find them.  

The report viewer training can be found here:


Standard reports

As the project continues, more reports will be moved to Argos from Cognos.

The most commonly run reports for most people will be in the "Student and Faculty" folder.

Here are the reports available as of the beginning of February:

Report Description
Change in Time Status Shows a list of students who have changes a status between two terms
Class Roster Shows the students enrolled for a course in a specified term
Course Master Shows all courses for a term, can be filtered by part of term, campus, department, and subject
Enrollment Counts  Shows enrollment by term for level and major
Major Codes List of majors for a term
Student Course Listing and Academic History Shows detailed information including current and past courses for one student
Student Data Lookup Shows detailed information including contact data and holds for one student
Students By Effective Term List of students with statuses selected for a term
Grades Over Time List of students and grades for one or more terms


 Building a new report

If you need data that isn't available in an existing report, submit a ticket to IT to request a new report.  Please be as specific as possible with the fields and filters needed.


Here is the Reporting Process flow:


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