Digital Signage Branding Guide

This guide is for digital signage managers on the ScreenCloud platform only! For all other logo and brand requests, please submit a project request to the Office of Marketing.

These brand guidelines have been created to help you apply Emerson’s brand identity to your signage on the College’s digital displays via ScreenCloud. They make it possible to keep the Emerson identity unified, consistent, and recognizable, ultimately amplifying and strengthening our brand. Please refer to these guidelines regularly as you develop your digital signage.


The Emerson logo is represented by the wordmark. Wordmark components are always placed in a fixed relationship and should never be altered, modified, or reproduced in any way, other than shown here.

Logo files are available in the shared ScreenCloud Media Library in the folder Emerson Logos

The logo has three states, depending on when and where it makes sense to use a specific wordmark combination.

College Lockup (Stacked)

This is our primary identifier and the preferred version for more formal or externally-facing usage.



For materials that may be more primarily internal or in cases where it provides a functional or visual benefit, this stand-alone version can be used. We prefer that you use the stacked lockup but this may be used if space is limited.


College Lockup (Web)

A horizontal version of the wordmark may be used in areas where vertical space is limited. This is primarily used on digital platforms where vertical space is limited.lockup.png

Logo Color Variations

The primary logo should appear in the colors and combinations shown here, or reversed out of a color field in white.


To request additional logo files, beyond what is available in the ScreenCloud media library, please contact the central marketing team at

Color System

Our color palette helps identify Emerson at a glance, and the way we use color sets the mood for each of our pieces, bringing an energy and vibrancy to our signage  

Primary Palette

Our primary color palette is led by our core purple. As much as possible, we should be relying on this color to carry our brand through all of our signage. 


Pantone 267

CMYK: C76 M97 Y0 K0

RGB: R98 G38 B158

Hex: #62259D

Pantone Warm Gray 11

CMYK: C52 M53 Y59 K24

RGB: R112 G98 B89

Hex: #706258


CMYK: C0 M0 Y0 K0

RGB: R255 G255 B255

Hex: #ffffff


Secondary Palette

To create visual variety, we’ve selected a set of secondary colors. This palette is meant to support our primary palette through strategic use in design elements such as signage, charts, graphics, and more.


Pantone Warm Gray 2

CMYK: C20 M20 Y20 K23

RGB: R205 G195 B187

Hex: #CDC3BB

Pantone Warm Gray 3

CMYK: C25 M24 Y28 K0

RGB: R193 G184 B175

Hex: #C1B7AF

Pantone Warm Gray 4

CMYK: C30 M28 Y32 K0

RGB: R183 G173 B165

Hex: #B6ADA4

Pantone Warm Gray 5

CMYK: C33 M33 Y37 K0

RGB: R174 G162 B153

Hex: #AEA198

Pantone Warm Gray 6

CMYK: C36 M35 Y38 K1

RGB: R167 G156 B148

Hex: #A79B94

Pantone Warm Gray 7

CMYK: C42 M41 Y45 K4

RGB: R151 G139 B130

Hex: #978B82

Pantone Warm Gray 8

CMYK: C45 M44 Y49 K7

RGB: R142 G130 B121

Hex: #8E8279

Pantone Warm Gray 9

CMYK: C47 M47 Y51 K12

RGB: R134 G120 B111

Hex: #85776F

Pantone Warm Gray 10

CMYK: C50 M50 Y54 K17

RGB: R123 G110 B102

Hex: #7B6D65


Pantone 2695

CMYK: C87 M96 Y40 K44

RGB: R47 G26 B69

Hex: #2F1A45

Pantone 286

CMYK: C100 M75 Y0 K0

RGB: R0 G51 B160

Hex: #0033A0

Pantone 526

CMYK: C67 M98 Y6 K1

RGB: R117 G47 B138

Hex: #742F8A

Pantone 3255

CMYK: C64 M0 Y32 K0

RGB: R76 G193 B187

Hex: #4CC1BA

Pantone 2995

CMYK: C80 M12 Y1 K0

RGB: R0 G168 B225

Hex: #00A7E1

Pantone 1925

CMYK: C2 M100 Y62 K0

RGB: R232 G25 B77

Hex: #E8194D

Pantone 7731

CMYK: C79 M0 Y89 K22

RGB: R34 G136 B72

Hex: #228848

Pantone 382

CMYK: C29 M1 Y100 K0

RGB: R196 G214 B0

Hex: #C3D500

Pantone 116

CMYK: C0 M18 Y100 K0

RGB: R255 G205 B0

Hex: #FFCD00

Pantone 1665

CMYK: C0 M73 Y98 K0

RGB: R252 G76 B2

Hex: #FC4C02


The way we represent our words in type can play a fundamental role in amplifying their power and underscoring their importance. By using our brand typefaces consistently and thoughtfully, we can visually support our verbal communications and form one of the most recognizable elements of our identity. We ask that you use Avenir (or Arial if unavailable) as your primary font for digital signage but Sabon may also be used if a more formal look is preferred.

Avenir Next

Emerson’s primary sans-serif typeface is Avenir Next. It offers a wide range of weights that can be applied to both large headlines or display type and smaller body copy. If this typeface is not available to you, you may use Arial in its place. An acceptable substitute font is Helvetica if Avenir is not available. 


Emerson’s primary serif typeface is Sabon. This typeface can also be applied to both headlines or large display type and smaller body copy. It can be used in tandem with Avenir Next. An acceptable substitute font is Garamond if Sabon is not available. 


Type Usage

The Emerson standard is flush left, ragged right. Type should never be centered. 

Paragraphs should not be indented and should be separated by a line space. Avoid capitalizing entire words, titles, or headlines.  If emphasis is needed, use bold, italics or larger type size. 

The Emerson Photo Library

The Office of Marketing has created a visual library and support guide for the Emerson community.  Please follow the links below to access the portal and guide. 



The Emerson Brand Center

The Emerson Brand Center serves as a central resource for all things on-brand, from positioning and messaging to our logo and visual identity. Here, you will find an overview of how The Brand Center works and learn how to best represent Emerson as the dynamic, inspiring place that it is.

The Office of Marketing is here to support you!

We encourage you to explore our services and, when you're ready, submit a project request to get your initiative started. To aid in your project planning, please refer to our Project Production Timelines.

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