How to Request a Digital Sign

Emerson IT is proud to introduce ScreenCloud, a single unified digital signage platform that allows for the easy creation and distribution of dynamic, creative content across all screens on the Boston campus.

Interested in a digital sign for your department or area? Contact Emerson IT via email or by putting in a ticket at and we'll take you through the following steps to choose the signage the works best for you:

  1. We will schedule a site visit to look at your space and identify what equipment you will need to purchase, as well as who will be managing your sign content:
    1. Flat screen TV
    2. Wall mount
    3. Chromebox to run signage
    4. Cables
    5. Network jack for Chromebox (potential)
  2. We will coordinate with Facilities to get your screen mounted and to get your Chromebox networked.
  3. We will purchase a Screen.Cloud license for you and coordinate access to the ScreenCloud web editor with the identified sign owner, using Google authentication to log in and create account.
  4. We will move you to (or create) an identified Space for your sign.
  5. You will be shared on the Digital Signage Brand Guide, as well as directed to the user guides from Emerson IT for your signs.
  6. (Optional) You can schedule a walkthrough of ScreenCloud or guided sign creation with a technician at your convenience
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