Publish a Work Phone to the Faculty & Staff Online Directory

The Emerson College Faculty & Staff Directory and department contact lists display phone, department, office, and email information on the Emerson website (viewable via the Internet). The source of this directory data is Workday, Emerson’s Human Resources system.

Note: Before publishing or modifying a Work Phone in Workday, please review HR's policy on the Faculty & Staff directory.

To publish or modify a Work Phone:

  1. Log into with your Emerson credentials.
  2. Search for Change My Work Contact Information and select the result.
  3. Under Phone, click the pencil icon to edit your current Work Phone, or click Add to add additional phone numbers.
    1. For Phone Type, select Fax, Landline, or Mobile.
    2. Add the country phone code and phone number in the subsequent fields (Workday will format them properly for you).
    3. For Visibility, set to Public to publish to the public Faculty & Staff Directory. If you only want the phone number visible to other faculty & staff logged into Workday, set to Private.
    4. If you only list one phone number, Workday will designate it as your Primary. If you add more phone numbers, you can choose which is Primary. The Primary phone will be listed at the top of the phone numbers list on the public Faculty & Staff directory.

Note: If you do not specify any private phone numbers, your assigned desk phone number will automatically be set as a private phone number.

Click Submit. By the next day (up to 24 hours), any public Work Phone numbers you added will be displayed under your name at If you did not add a public Work Phone, the public directory will display your department’s phone number. In this instance, if the wrong department phone displays, please contact Web & Digital Services.

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