DVD & Blu Ray Burning with Roxio Toast

DVD & Blu Ray Burning

We have two disk authoring stations at Emerson - 808A (DPL) and 606A (DFL). We recommend making a reservation in advance to ensure that one station is available. Reservations can be made with the lab assistants in Ansin 810 and Ansin 606. 

Encoding your File

Before you burn your disk, you should prepare your file by transcoding it to the proper format - “MPEG2-DVD” for DVDs or “MPEG2 Blu-Ray” for Blu Rays. This can be done on any of our computers, not just the disk authoring stations. Here’s how to do that:

If you already have a Quicktime file of your video, open Adobe Media Encoder. If you do not have a quicktime of you project, you can export directly from Premiere with these same settings.

In Media Encoder, add your Quicktime file into the queue on the right. 


Under the first drop-down menu, select MPEG2-DVD or MPEG2 Blu-Ray.


Under the second dropdown menu, select your desired resolution at the correct framerate. (Note: DVDs are standard definition and limited to720x480 - therefore listed as NTSC. Blu-Rays are HD and can burn up to 1920x1080). 

3_DVD.png . 4_BR.png

Under “Output file” click the blue text to rename your new file and save it somewhere you will be able to find it. We suggest making a new folder labeled DVD or BluRay


Click the Play button to begin encoding.


Once finished, you will find that the encoder created three to six files: .m2v is the video, .wav is the audio, and .xmp is a sidecar file – you can ignore the .xmp but do not delete it.

Burning the Disk 

At this point in the process, you will need to work on one of our disk authoring stations (606A or 808A). In order to access our disk burning software Roxio Toast, restart the computer. When it restarts, you will have the option to choose between regular Mac OS and Disk Authoring. Click Disk Authoring and you will automatically be signed in to our DVD and Blu-Ray burning account.


Open Toast Titanium


Select the Video Tab


Drag your .m2v video file into the Roxio window

 3_m2v.png 4_drag.png 

It will ask you for the audio – click yes and select the .wav file.

5_audio_q.png  6_audio_select.png

Name your disk (top left of window)


Create desired menus (or select no menu) on the right


Check your settings at the bottom. Be sure to select DVD or Blu-Ray. The destination should be set to your disk burner (in our suites, this will be the Pioneer drive)

Click Burn! It will take some time for the software to encode and burn your disk.


You can test your DVD on one of the Teacher Station computers in DPL1, DPL2, or the VEL.



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