DCP Submissions for Qualifying Films and Requests


All requests should be sent to postproduction@emerson.edu

Please note that DCP creation is only guaranteed for VMA Thesis screenings. All other requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Acceptable Submission Formats


In order to achieve the highest quality DCP, we will need a copy of your film using an uncompressed codec. Please export using one of the following formats:


Quicktime - Apple ProRes 422 or Apple ProRes 4444 (.mov) - Mac

DNxHR HQX or DNxHR 444 (.mxf) - PC


Standard Resolutions for DCPs 

DCPs are limited to the "standard" resolutions of digital cinematic projection. Theses standards are as follows:


1998 x 1080 (1.85:1 - 2K Flat)

2048 x 858 (2.39:1 - 2K Scope)

3996 x 2160 (1.85:1 - 4K Flat)

4096 x 1716 (2.39:1 - 4K Scope)


*16:9 and 4:3 films should be submitted without any pillarboxing (no black bars). The post team needs to know the exact resolution of your film without these bars.  The resulting DCP will be windowed (pillarboxed or letterboxed) during the DCP process but it will be labeled with the film's true aspect ratio for projectionists to accommodate, if possible.


Audio Mixing


Unless otherwise requested, your DCP will be encoded with stereo audio. 

If you have mixed in 5.1 surround, please let us know and deliver six corresponding mono audio tracks labeled C, L, Ls, R, Rs, and LFE. Contact the post team if you have questions about this.


Necessary Information

Please provide the post team with the following information about your film

Film Title


Aspect Ratio

Frame Rate

Audio Language

Captions Language (if applicable) 




We are currently accepting files over Google Drive. Please share the uploaded file with postproduction@emerson.edu

If you are a student on the Boston campus, you can schedule a time to deliver your file in person with a post manager. This is typically faster than delivering on Google Drive.




The encoded DCP will be shared with you via Google Drive. If you are in need of a Linux-format file, please contact the post team for more information.



For more information, please contact the Post team:

postproduction@emerson.edu will contact our entire team, or reach out individually:

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