iZotope Neutron


Neutron is iZotope's  all in one suite for your mixing needs. Within this plugin, you'll have a powerful tool for your mix. Not only can use tools like an equalizer, compressor, and more. You will be able to use them all at once within Neutron itself on it's own rack (or separately as standalone plugins). Along with this, Neutron also comes with track assistance. An A.I. tool that listens to your audio signal and gives a baseline set of preset tools to give an easy start to your mixing process. Making Neutron a great start to any mix.





What Tools Neutron Has


  • Compressor - Allow you to reduce the dynamic range of the audio signal. With this compressor, you also have control over three different bands for better control. (You can have two compressors on a Neutron Rack.) Reduce the dynamic range of a signal by decreasing the level of sounds that exceed a certain threshold level or by increasing the level of signals that fall below a certain threshold level. Neutron features two Compressor modules capable of multi band compression, flexible side chaining options and useful visual feedback.




  • Equalizer - Combining transparent digital clarity with colorful analog equalizer. An equalizer can be used to give you control over different parts of the frequency spectrum, independently allowing you to make character or corrective alterations by applying additive EQ or subtractive EQ.



  • Exciter - Add harmonic distortion to an audio signal. Enhance and provide a simple boost in presence to your sound. Along with multi band, you will be able to boost and add distortion separately, thus making for more control of your sound.



  • Gate - Eliminate or tone down unwanted signal points with Neutrons own gate. With multi band functionality, you will be able to have separate gates depending on the frequency, giving much more control of the sound.




  • Transient Shaper - Use a dynamic processor that you can transparently alter and shape the characteristics of the sounds attack and sustain. Enhance sound presences without effecting the overall volume levels.



  • Track Assistant - With Neutron Track Assistant . have an A.I. analyze your audio and let it provide a starting point It provides a special made channel rack that Neutron believes that will help you mix best.



  • Tonal Balance - Getting your mix or master to sit just right across the frequency spectrum is a difficult task. Use this plugin to help guide your mixing decisions. Either use preset targets that Neutron provides based off industry standards, or use and audio file as a references and tonal with match and help you get the right curves for your mix. (You can also control and adjust perimeters on other neutron plugins from within tonal.)




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