Film Sales & Processing (Faculty)

When is the film sent out?

The EDC sends film out to cinelab Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3:30pm.  If film is turned into the EDC after 3:30pm, it might not get shipped to the lab until the next day.  

What should I do with the film that VMA is covering the cost of film processing?

It would be easier for us if you collect the film in class and send it out in one bunch, this way it should all come back in the same box.  If you can’t do this then if you pre fill out the form and give it to your students they can drop it off at the EDC and it will be shipped. 


What if my students want a video transfer of the film they have?

Emerson now has a video transfer machine in house and it is a free service.  Please advise students to not get a video transfer with processing as this will keep the film from coming back in a timely manner.  Because they don’t process video transfers often it could take a month or more to come back from the lab. 

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