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Does the EDC Sell Film?

The EDC sells Kodak 7266 Tri-X Black & White Reversal for $44 per roll.

  • We only accept payment in the form of ECCash (no cash or credit cards).
  • We do not sell color film or photo film.

What if I miss your deadline but need to get the film to the lab?

If you miss the 3:30pm deadline you can send it out via UPS ground. Take the package to the mailroom, tell them you need it to go to Cinelab and bill VMA, they have the address in the computer already, and they will print you a label.  To ensure that it will go out that day it’s best to go to the UPS store, it is located near the Starbucks on the corner of Boylston and Tremont.  The truck leaves there around 5pm.

Faculty Information

Class drop box and bulk shipping procedure

If you would like to have a VMA paid for drop box in the EDC for your students films please provide the following information;

  1. Choose a lab Cinelab and Metro. Both process Trix as a reversal. 
  2. Fill out the appropriate lab form. 
  3. Please let Suzanne know what date you would like Suzanne to ship the films to the lab.  Once the deadline has passed the drop box will disappear, unless you let Suzanne know you’ve changed the date. 
  4. Let Suzanne know how many rolls to expect by that deadline date?  

      5.   I will email you and let you know how many films were sent out on deadline day.

      6.   If you have any stragglers that you know of, please fill out a new form and let Suzanne know the new deadline and number of rolls.

If you are collecting the films in class for VMA to pay for processing, please come to the EDC and fill out the form for the Lab of your choice (see #1 & 2 above).  If you know you have stragglers please fill out another form for them if you would like them to drop the films off themselves and Suzanne will set up a Drop box.


How-to guide for completing class processing form

Oftentimes the forms aren’t completely filled out so remember to fill out everything except Quantity and footage, Suzanne can fill that out on the day of shipping. 


Analog Camera Tip Sheets

16mm Aaton XTR Prod

  1. Make sure everything is in the case
  2. The Case contains the following items;
    • Aaton Camera body 
    • 2 Magazines 
    • 2 magazine throat covers 
    • 1 Zoom Lens 
    • 2 Aaton Batteries 
    • Battery charger
  3. Check for any physical damage to all pieces
  4. You will also get a matte box please use your order form for a list of components as both matte boxes are not the same
  5. Make sure film will go through the magazine, ask for a dummy load 
  6. Test hand grip
  7. Adjust the Diopter focus and test lens at different focal lengths.
  8. Please note the changing bag is not included in the kit and will need to be booked separately.

Bolex Bolex Tips

When the camera is not loaded with film it should not be run at speeds above 24fps.

The pressure Pad rarely needs to be removed.  When it is removed, lift the top pin out and pull the upper portion away from the gate. Only then can it be unscrewed with the bottom screw.  Be cautious to not bend the metal rail that holds the film.

Always check the following before leaving the EDC:

  1. Evidence of impact damage: Cracks dents scrapes on surface, lens dings.
  2. Diopter:  Make sure it focuses and check the lenses focus as well.
  3. Variable shutter:  Make sure the variable shutter lever is in the up position before shooting, you will see a black triangle in the lower left corner of the viewfinder if it is closed.
  4. Filter holder:  Make sure it is there and covered.  Either with a silver sheth or gaff tape keeping it closed.  
  5. Perform a film loop check.  Ask for a Bolex dummy load and check that the loop holds at 24fps then single frame.  Check the highest speed that you wish to shoot to make sure both daylight spools are rotating and it runs smoothly.  

When checking out a rewind key make sure it fits into the knob before you leave the EDC!

When returning the camera to the EDC, please make sure it is completely wound down.  

Arriflex SR

SR Checkout guide

    1. Make sure everything is in the case
    2. The Case contains the following items: 
      • SR Camera Zoom lens
      • Right Hand grip
      • 2 magazines (one on camera, one in the case)
      • 4 core adapters (please be cautious, core adapters are very expensive)
      • 1 changing bag
      • 1 color and gray scale chip charts 
        • (Please note SR with Vidtap also includes: (1) vidtap, (1) vidtap power cable, (1) BNC cable and (1) SD monitor)
    3. Check for any physical damage to all pieces 
    4. Set viewfinder focus and test lens at different focal lengths
    5. When loading film, DO NOT USE daylight spools in the SR magazines.

Medium Format / 35mm

Canon AE-1

Canon AE-1 Tipsheet

Please do the following before you leave the EDC

  1. Always check lens and camera body for damage
  2. Check that the lightmeter works
  3. Open camera body make sure shutter opens (use film advance lever and press the shutter release button)
  4. While camera is open make sure the film takeup spool spins (see step 3 for instructions)

Upon return please make sure your film has been removed from the camera and the bag.


Please do not leave your trash in the camera bag. 


Always carry a film canister with you just in case the film gets stuck in the camera and needs to be removed in a changing bag.

Mamiya 7 / 7ii

Mamiya Tipsheet

  1. Check Camera body and lens for any noticeable damage
  2. Open back of camera
  3. Turn the camera on and cock lever and hit the shutter button (while looking in the back of the camera)
  4. Check for take up spool
  5. Look through the viewfinder to see if the lightmeter is working properly if it is not working as expected it may need a new battery. Please alert an EDC Staff member and they will change the battery.
  6. Always remember to turn the camera off (the red dot) before returning to the camera bag 



Sekonic L-398A

Sekonic L-398A User guide

  1.  Remember to handle with care, DO NO DROP they are very fragile
  2.  When removing light meter from case make sure strap isn’t twisted around the case 
  3.  Check for impact damage (cracks or scrap marks also a loose swivel head)
  4.  To test the sensor, cover the Lumisphere (the white dome) and take a reading. The needle should be on zero.
  5.  If you find any issues please mention it to the EDC Staff. We might be able to switch the meter out for another one before you leave the EDC.
  6.  Check for the high slide; it should be in the back of the meter.
  7.  If the needle doesn’t move check, if the high slide is in the swivel head (when indoors this will keep the meter from giving you a reading).


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