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Emerson.build gives participating Emersonians full control over their own web domains and the ability to easily create and launch a wide range of websites for academic or personal use.

Emerson.build users have access to powerful open source Internet tools that will allow them to create online portfolios, exhibits, online journals and magazines, wikis, FAQs, and many other kinds of digital resources and publications for use in courses, the co-curriculum or wherever and however else they choose. All Emerson.build users have full control and ownership of the content they create and share, even after they move beyond Emerson. 

Please note: Emerson College branding should not be used in any content that you create on Emerson.build. Emerson.build should not be used to publish content that in any way reflects an official position of Emerson College, its departments, organizations, etc. This tool is intended for curricular, personal, and experimental sites only. To learn about options for creating an officially branded website, please contact Web Services (web@emerson.edu).

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Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I keep my account? / What happens when I leave Emerson?

Current students, faculty, and staff: If you haven't logged into your Emerson.build account in over 2 years, your account may be flagged for deletion. You will be notified at least 30 days before any deletion occurs and you may request that their accounts remain active by replying to that notification.

Graduated students and former faculty and staff: The "When You Leave" guide in the Emerson.build documentation has more information about the migration options available to you.

How do I find my SFTP login credentials?

When you sign up for Emerson.build, you receive a special FTP account that has full privileges to access any space on your web server. Due to the high-level of access this account has, please follow the following precautions when using it:

  1. Do not share this account’s credentials with anyone else.
  2. Always use SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) while connecting with this account in your FTP client.


If you signed up for Emerson.build prior to February 2019, you received a welcome email containing the connection information for your special FTP account, including your account’s password. These credentials will still work. If you no longer have this email saved and have forgotten the account’s credentials, please follow the steps below to set a new one.

  1. Login to your Emerson.build cPanel.
  2. In the black Admin bar at the top of the window, hover over Manage Your Account.
  3. Click FTP Information. The connection information and option to set a first or reset a forgotten password will be listed on this page.

Read "Setting Up FTP/SFTP" in the Emerson.build guides for more information.

My site is running out of space. How do I get more?

Applications installed through the cPanel/Installatron are set to automatically create a backup every time the software updates. This can eat up your quota space very quickly, so we recommend following the "Managing Backups" instructions in our documentation to take control of how your space is being used.

While you're working on that, you can also submit a ticket to request a quota increase for your site.

Can I use a custom domain name (ex: dogs.com) on my site?

Yes! The Emerson.build documentation site has a guide on "Using a Custom Domain Name". You might also find it useful to read the following guides on different ways to organize your site:

I need a different domain name for my project. Can I change what I picked during registration?

The domain name that you choose during sign up will stay with you through all of your current and future build projects. We recommend choosing a general and enduring name, such as a variation of your name.

If you need to use a different name without purchasing a custom domain name, you can clone your existing site into a subdomain or subdirectory that better fits your current project's needs.

If you need help with Emerson.build here is a list of what's supported:


  • Blog creation for curricular, personal, and experimental use.
  • Adding users to blogs.

Best Effort:

  • Provide basic tutorials (for faculty) and documentation.
  • Provide basic WordPress support.
  • Contact the hosting provider if there is a technical issue with the platform.

Not Supported:

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