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What is Emerson IT Self Service?

The best way to describe Emerson IT Self Service it that it’s like Emerson’s own personal App Store, but we curate the app selection. If you at some point realize you need something like Adobe Photoshop installed, you no longer need to put in a ticket with the Help Desk. You can just open up Self Service and install it yourself!

Self Service is not limited to just software, either. You can install your department printers from there, too!


Who has access?

The service is limited to Emerson College staff and faculty at this time.



Here’s a growing list of all the software currently available:

Adobe CC 2015 Master Collection Web Browsers Microsoft Office Creative Applications Additional Applications
Acrobat Pro Google Chrome Office 2011 SketchUp Make CyberDuck
After Effects Mozilla Firefox Office 2016 DaVinci Resolve 12 VLC
Audition     Unity Skype
Dreamweaver       Adobe Flash Player
Flash       Box Sync
Illustrator       Expandrive 
InDesign       TextWrangler 
Lightroom       Dropbox 
Media Encoder       Atom 
Premiere Pro        
  • Plus, departmental printers! (Not all copiers are here yet. If you need to add a copier to your computer, please call the help desk at x8080 or go to https://support.emerson.edu/ to put in a request!)
  • We will also periodically release "Hotfixes" for common issues found with pieces of software. Keep your eyes on the Hotfixes category for any of those.

How do I know if I have or can install Emerson IT Self Service?

Emerson IT Self Service is available on all Mac computers. Many of you may already have the application installed. If you open up your applications folder and see this icon:


Then you’ve already got it. The icon may already be in your dock as well. Just open the app, and log in to get started. If you’re on a Mac but don’t have that icon, it means your computer needs to be enrolled in our Mac management system, Casper. Don’t worry! Just put in a ticket with the Help Desk to be enrolled and it will be done ASAP.

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