Lighting Board




  1. Wake up (Turn ON) the lighting board by pressing the Blue button.

  1. The screen will wake up and you will see the Stage Map. Press the Playbacks button at the top edge of the screen.


  1. Playbacks control a group of lights. The set of 4 faders above the screen are Master faders. Raise the one directly above the word “Playbacks”. (The second fader from the left.)


  1. The bump buttons to the left of the screen, numbered 1 - 10, and below the faders should be lit purple. When they are purple, you are controlling preset Playbacks.

  1. The number in the upper left corner, of the purple boxes on the screen, correspond to the fader to the left that you need to raise.

  1. Multiple faders may need to be raised to gain the look you want.

For example, J-Channel would need fader 2 (desk talent) & fader 8 (j-channel) to be raised. One Playback is for the desk / anchor and the other is for the background.


  1. To control lights individually, you need to tap on the Channel button, which can be found on the left edge of the screen. You can control up to 80 lights. Channel 1 - 40 will show up first but by tapping the Channel button again, you will have access to 41 - 80. Every light has a label that lists the Dimmer number. That number matches a fader on the board.


  1. When you are done, lower all the faders.

*Any further questions, please see Bob or Codie.

Jan 2019


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