Teleprompter Instructions

AutoScript WinPlus-IP Teleprompter


When you sit down at the teleprompter you should see the prompter software open. If it is not open, click on the desktop shortcut “AutoScript WinPlus-IP” to open.

The screen should look like the picture below:



On the lower left side is the Run Orders box. This is where you will find all rundowns from inception that are MOS Control Active. Underneath the word Run there are two small buttons. Click on the left button “Open Run Order from Newsroom.” This opens a floating window pictured below “Available Run Orders”.


From the floating window, click on the Refresh button and it will populate with all the MOS Active Rundowns from INCEPTION. Then click Close.


Right click on your rundown from the Run Orders panel and select “Prompt and Edit Run Order.” This will load your rundown into the three windows on the page.

  1. Active Run order
  2. Story Editor
  3. Prompter Preview


Once these windows are populated you can click on the Prompt button in the upper right corner to begin prompting.

NOTE: if you do not see the above panels, go to window > and select either “active run order”, “story editor”, or “propter preview” – whichever is not currently shown.

In the Active Run Order window, you will see your rundown with the appropriate block numbers and story headings from INCEPTION. If you wish to jump from A2 to B1 just right click on B1 and select “Jump to Here.” Both the Story Editor and the Prompter Preview jump to that location and you can continue to prompt from that point.


If you need to make changes to the prompted script you can do so in the Story Editor. Just click the mouse to the correct location and type your changes. BE ADVISED THAT ANY CHANGE MADE IN THE PROMPTER WILL NOT BE SAVED IN INCEPTION. FOR THAT YOU MUST MAKE THE CHANGE IN INCEPTION. ONCE SAVED IN INCEPTION THE TELEPROMPTER WILL REFRESH WITH THE NEW CHANGES.


Using the Hand Controller

There are 5 buttons on the hand controller. The top 3 are very straight forward. “PREV” goes back one story, NEXT goes forward on story and TOP goes to the beginning of the Run Order. The other two function buttons on the left and right of the round dial are LEFT) Begin or End Prompting and RIGHT) is not used at this time.


When you are finished please be sure to Stop Prompting and to Delete the rundown form the Run Order window by right clicking the Run Order and choosing Delete.



If have any questions, please seek a JPC staff member and they will assist you.

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