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Lumetri Color is the main tool for Color Correction within Premiere Pro CC. This guide aims to show you how to access the Lumetri Color toolset through the Color Workspace as well as the workflow of using the Lumetri Color Effect. We also encourage you to take a look at our articles on Color Correction and Scopes for further information about the process of Color Correction as well as the links below in Additional Resources.

The Color Workspace

To access the Color Workspace, click on “Color” on the workspaces toolbar at the top of the Premiere window.



This will bring you into the Color Workspace. A few important things to note about the layout of this workspace:

  • The Source Window (#1) now contains the Lumetri Scopes Panel for reading the luminance, chrominance, and saturation of your footage.
  • The Lumetri Color Panel (#2)  on the right side of the screen is where you access and manipulate the various tools within the Lumetri Color Effect to color correct your footage.
  • In the timeline (#3), make sure that the clip you want to color correct is selected so that the Lumetri Color Effect is automatically applied as you start making changes in the Lumetri Color Panel.
  • Finally, keep the playback head over the clip that you are correcting so you can see your changes in the Program Window as you make them.



The Scopes are found in the Lumetri Scopes Panel, which is located the top left window of the Color Workspace.

  • To add or remove scopes (such as the Vectorscope YUV for monitoring Saturation levels), click on the “Wrench” icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the panel.
  • This dropdown menu also allows you to change the parameters of the Parade and Waveform scopes to make them brighter or show different levels of information.


Color Wheels

The Color Wheels are found in the Lumetri Color Panel on the right side of the screen.

  • To access the Color Wheels, click on the “Color Wheels” row in the Lumetri Color Panel.
  • To adjust Luminance using one of the wheels, drag the arrow icon up or down on the bar next to the Color Wheel. The arrow turns blue after the change is made.
  • To adjust Chrominance using one of the wheels, click and drag within the Color Wheel. The wheel shows a “+” sign at the point you dragged to after the change is made.


Adjusting Saturation

The tool to adjust Saturation  is also found in the Lumetri Color Panel

  • To access this tool, click on the “Basic Correction” row in the Lumetri Color Panel.
  • The “Saturation” slider is at the bottom of the panel and can be dragged left and right to change the saturation of your image.


Adding Additional Corrections

Adding additional corrections to a clip requires you to apply an additional Lumetri Color Effect.

  • Search for the “Lumetri Color” effect in the Effects Panel and drag it onto your clip.
  • This will add a second “Lumetri Color” effect in the Effect Controls Panel
  • Select this second effect to manipulate it with the tools in the Lumetri Color Panel.



Additionally, you can to toggle the Lumetri Color Effect on and off in the Effect Controls Panel to see a before and after view of your footage.



Additional Resources

Lynda: Premiere Pro CC 2017 Essential Training - Lumetri Color Workflow

A step by step guide with exercise files showing the Lumetri Color Workflow.

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