Google Chrome "Your organization will manage this profile" prompt

"Your Organization will Manage this Profile"

As of 5/24/2022, Google Chrome pushed out their version 102 update, making it so that when users log into Google Workspace (Gmail, Google Drive, etc.) with an Emerson account when in Google Chrome, they may receive this message:

Your organization will manage this profile. This account (* is managed by You're adding a managed profile to this browser. Your administrator has control over the profile and can access its data. Bookmarks, history, passwords, and other settings can be synced to your account and managed by your administrator.


This will occur if you are not logged into Chrome as any other account. If you were previously logged in as another account and then log into your Emerson account, Chrome may ask "Continue in new profile?" See below for more details on that.

The pop-up may also appear on other Chromium-based browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera, etc.

Options for Your Emerson Chrome Profile

If you use Chrome on multiple devices with the same accounts, you may want to sync your profiles across those devices so that bookmarks and history are shared. This will also make it so you don't receive the pop-up on subsequent devices.

If you don't want to sign in to a Chrome profile at all, the only way to do this is to use Guest mode every time you browse, or you can use Firefox or Safari to avoid this change entirely.


"Continue in new profile?"

If you were already logged into Chrome with a Google account (such as your personal account), when you next log into Emerson's Gmail or Google Drive, you will likely receive the "Continue in new profile?" prompt:


If you click Ok, it will create a brand new profile with no bookmarks or history. If you say No thanks, you'll remain logged in with your old/personal profile and retain all of your bookmarks/data.

If you choose to keep your Emerson and personal Google Chrome profiles separate, you can toggle between them any time by clicking the user icon in the top-right of Chrome.

If you clicked "Ok" and regret it because you no longer see your bookmarks/data, simply toggle back to your old profile. Alternatively, you can clear your browser history and then sign back into your personal account.


Why did Google make these changes?

Google's primary reason for the change was to better segment business accounts (and corresponding data) from personal accounts. This was not a configuration change made at Emerson, but rather one that Google enabled.

Google's information about the update says:

"Chrome 102 brings better separation between personal and enterprise-managed data. When the user signs into a managed account, they will have the option to either keep existing browsing data separate, or merge it with the managed account. By default, the data is kept separate, so a new profile will be created. Or, if they choose, they can merge the existing profile into the managed account. This prevents inadvertent sharing of personal data with work accounts."

Contrary to the message in the prompts, Emerson does not manage or review users' Chrome profile data.


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