Upcoming Email Security Changes

Since last year, we have been working with departments and organizations to ensure that all of our outside and/or cloud-based partners that send email (such as Canvas, Workday, Constant Contact, etc.) have been authorized. Per the Email Section of the Acceptable Use Policy, it is prohibited to send email from an emerson.edu address from an unauthorized system.

To prevent spam and guarantee that email sent from emerson.edu addresses is from our community, we are implementing a new security measure starting January 20th, 2022. Unauthorized email will have [UNAUTHENTICATED] prepended in their subject lines, and in the subsequent weeks, these messages will be progressively sent to users’ Gmail spam folders, and ultimately rejected outright by March 22.

We are confident that all existing services have been authorized to send and will not be impacted by this change. From this point forward, if you adopt a new service that sends as emerson.edu, please be sure to get it authorized by IT to ensure delivery. Thank you for allowing us this important security change to protect Emerson’s email reputation and prevent spam. If you have any questions, please email helpdesk@emerson.edu or call 617-824-8080.

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