RDS Windows Install Guide

All Windows Instruction

  1. Open a web browser and enter:


  2. You will be redirected to the following page where you will enter your Emerson credentials (starting with “emerson\” before your username) and click Sign in.


    Domain\user name: emerson\maurice_moss

    Password: emerson password




  3. On the Work Resources page click Internet Explorer and look for the download RDS shortcut either in your downloads folder or in the browser.




  4. Copy the download from the browser or Downloads folder to your desktop and rename it to anything you want. Keep in mind this shortcut will give you access to the Avaya Contact Center Management portal.
    Do the same for Avaya Agent Desktop.




  5. Double click the new shortcut on your desktop, enter your Emerson password and click Ok.




    Call Center Admin for Managers and Supervisors- Real-Time and Historical Reporting

  6. Once the Internet Explorer window loads, click the gear icon (tools) in the upper right and select Compatibility View settings. Type emerson.edu (if it doesn’t automatically populate) in the Add the website box, click add (to add it to the Websites you’ve added to Compatibility View box), make sure both boxes are checked below and click close.




  7. Click the gear icon again in the upper right and select Internet Options On the General tab change the homepage to the following and click Apply: https://avayaaccs.emerson.edu/CCMALogin/Home/Login




    On the Security tab select Local intranet click Sites and Advanced on the next window to add the following site by typing it in the Add this site to the zone field (if it doesn’t automatically populate) followed by clicking Add. Click Close and OK on the next two windows. 




    On the Security tab select Trusted Sites and click the Sites button to add the following followed by Close:




  8. Click okay, refresh the page and log into Avaya Contact Center Select.




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